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Faith Sponsler

Sponsler is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the relationships of object, environment, and perception through the collection and processing of personal memory, loose fictions, and materials sourced from environments she comes into contact with.  

This work exists somewhere in between painting and sculpture and the main material used is iron gall ink.  This same ink is also the key to her linoleum cut prints, which explore ideas of alchemy, magic, ritual, and the tarot to name a few.  The paper of these prints is soaked in an iron bath before printing, and then turns very dark after soaking in green tea, combining the two necessary components of this ink: iron and tannins. Beyond the imagery, the prints are also an experiment in physical alchemy and undergo a chemical change through this tea ritual.

For more information, visit Sponsler's website.


Limited Edition Art History Babes


Color Changing Prints by Faith Sponsler



Limited Edition Prints by Faith Sponsler

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