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Photo by Scott Lahn

Photo by Scott Lahn



Element: Water

Research Interests: Modern & Contemporary Art, The Politics of Crafting (contemporary craftivism and the Arts & Crafts movement of the 19th century), Festival Culture & Altered States (particularly in relation to consciousness and art making), Gender & Women’s Studies, Sleep Science & Surrealism.

Favorite Artists: Ana Mendieta, Andy Goldsworthy, Anselm Kiefer, Marc Chagall, James Turrell, Agnes Martin, Frida Kahlo, Rachel Ruysch, Francis Alÿs, Yayoi Kusama, Caspar David Friedrich, Keith Haring, William Morris, Jenny Holzer.

Hobbies: Dance, documentaries, beats & sounds, staring at the ocean, cuddling my bunny baby.

You can often find me: Reading people their horoscopes, watching time-lapsed videos of flowers blooming and/or SNL reruns.

instagram: @_quarry

Twitter: @allisonquarry



Element: Air

Research interests: Baroque Art and Architecture, specifically Roman. Ephemeral, celebratory sculpture and architecture. Early modern city planning and architecture. Ancient Egyptian art, mythology, and architecture.

Favorite Artists: Utagawa Hiroshige, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Andre Le Notre, Charlotte Salomon,  and Ruth Asawa.

Hobbies: Reading for leisure and mostly cramming that in during the summer, going for walks in cemeteries, drinking wine and making pasta weekly.

You can often find me: In the library, sitting on my couch watching all the shows, walking from place to place.



Element: Earth

Research Interests: Contemporary and Modern art, specifically Post-WWII art, Italian Studies, Psychology & Sociology

Favorite Artists: Caravaggio, Gottfried Helnwein, Monir Sharoudy Farmafarmaian, Gerhard Richter, Tracey Emin, Mark Rothko

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, yoga, listening to Bob Dylan and making stuff

You can often find me: Drinking a glass of wine with people that I love



Element: Fire

Research interests: Postcolonial theory, the Mexican mural movement, Mesoamerican art, empire building (specifically in Latin America), indigenous Mexican ontologies and epistemologies, Dada and Fluxus, modernism, postmodernism, & esotericism. 

Favorite artists: Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Frida Kahlo, Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp, Enrique Chagoya, José Guadalupe Posada, Otto Dix, William Kentridge, Diego Velázquez, Kara Walker, Vincent van Gogh, Vincent Locke.

Hobbies: painting, drawing, reading comic books, walking around town, obsessing over my parakeets, going to metal shows/listening to metal, playing my bass, lifting weight, laughing, joking, singing badly, being sarcastic.

You can often find me: grading papers in uncomfortable positions and going to death metal shows in the Northern California area.